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Lower Wedding Costs with These Six Tips

Checked off the cost of a wedding lately?

The average wedding costs as much as a new car, leaving the prospective bride and groom (and their families) with sticker shock. While it’s much more fun to discuss bridal gowns, wedding venues, and flowers, a realistic wedding budget should be the first thing discussed, agreed upon, saved for and then adhered too during the wedding planning.

These six tips will help lower wedding costs and still enable the bride and groom to have a memorable wedding.

Set A Realistic Wedding Budget And Start A Savings Account

Most of us have what is commonly referred to as a bologna budget and caviar dreams. We dream extravagantly but the reality is frugal, this is often the case when a bride-to-be begins dreaming of her wedding day.

Check on prices of certain must-have items for the Big Day, then set a realistic budget and open a savings account that is dedicated for the sole use of the wedding expenditures. Add to the savings account regularly during the planning stages of the wedding, and try to save a little extra for the unexpected costs that will be encountered.

Choose What Matters

What are the items that matter the most for the wedding? A designer gown? A first-rate photographer? Is a live band a must-have? Choose what matters the most and trim wedding expenses in the other areas that are less important.

Use Payday loans, If Needed, But Do It Wisely

At times you are absolutely out of cash and have no-one to borrow from. This is when payday loans come into place. Even a small 500 dollar loan can help your dream come true. Just remember to pay the loan back on time.

Be Flexible, Negotiate And Barter

When the wedding venue and reception location has been chosen, flexibility and the art of negotiation can cut wedding costs. Being flexible on the date and/or time of the wedding can cut the cost significantly.

Almost any price point is negotiable, so it doesn’t hurt to initiate a negotiation with the florist, photographer, musicians, etc., a significant cut in costs may result.

Barter for wedding services and exchange service for service instead of paying cash for everything. Bartering is an obvious wedding cost-cutter.

Trim The Guest List

Trimming the guest list will cut the cost of a wedding across the board. Fewer wedding invitations, smaller venues, less food and so forth.

Create the wedding guest list, then trim it down and stick to it. When pressured to invite more people, explain you’re on a strict budget and just can’t accommodate more guests.

Incidental Details

A well-planned wedding will still incur expenses for overlooked incidental details. Small fees, taxes, and tips are forgotten about during the flurry of wedding planning. Having the cushion in the wedding savings account will give a financial breathing room when the Big Day arrives and all monetary expenses are due.

Everybody loves a wedding and it’s certainly the bride’s Big Day and everything should be special. Wedding costs can be cut and the day still is special by pre-planning, budgeting, saving, negotiating and trimming.