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Are Bad Credit Payday Loans Legal In Utah?

Payday loans often get a bad rap, but they’re legal across most of the United States with millions of happy customers.

Are Bad Credit Payday Loans Legal In Utah?

Payday loans in Utah are regulated by the Department of Financial Institutions. It is completely legal for lenders to issue such loans for consumers with bad credit scores offline or online, so long as they have the required business license.

In fact, Utah is one of the least stringent states when it comes to payday lending, and all Utah citizens over the age of 18 can take advantage of the opportunity, providing they are in employment with a steady income.

A payday loan could be just what you need to help cover unforeseen expenses or emergency bills until your next paycheck arrives. This is why it’s sometimes called a cash advance.

Numerous loan companies provide an easy and efficient application process, which you can complete in just a few minutes with any internet-connected device. Approval is almost instant, and once you accept the offer the funds will be in your bank account within 1 business day. It is really that simple!

Bad credit payday loans are a small and short-term financial commitment, usually only a few hundred dollars – the ideal amount to tie you over until you get your next monthly paycheck.

Payday loans are there for those costs that come out of the blue, such as car repairs, emergency travel, etc, and should not be used to pay off other debts or spent on other risky financial endeavors.

The loan term is usually only a couple of weeks and it must be paid back in full (plus a finance charge) on the agreed-upon date, with no installments.

Because of this, they are regulated differently from regular personal loans that you might obtain from the bank or large lenders.

Payday Loan Laws in Utah

Payday loan legislation in Utah is cited under Utah Code Ann. 7-23-101 et seq. Under this regulation, the lender has the ability to lend any amount they desire, though this usually does not exceed $1,000.

There is also no limit on the finance charge or interest rate, though in order to remain competitive these are not substantially higher than anywhere else in the country.

The major difference between payday loans in Utah and other states is that the loan term can be as long as 10 weeks when usually this is closer to 2 weeks. Nonetheless, lenders still try to aim for 2 weeks.

However, this 10-week limit does come in handy if a borrower fails to make repayment. This allows the lender to extend the term to 10 weeks. So if you missed the repayment at 2 weeks, you could get another 8 weeks (with interest) to pay back the debt.

All lenders must have a valid business registration.

The Payday Lending Market

There are hundreds of bad credit loan companies in Utah, as well as many that operate solely online. In fact, thousands of people regularly search for “bad credit loans Utah” on the web, find websites like LocalCashHelp and apply for loans through them.

Although this variety of options means customers have the ability to shop around for the best deal, it can be a daunting and time-consuming process. This is especially true if you go to the lender in person and wait in line. Or use an online service but have to spend time faxing and emailing information.

The Best Choice

This is why many online lenders have simplified everything to give you the fastest and smoothest experience possible.

Their online-only application can be filled out in two minutes from any internet-connected device, and you will know if you have been approved almost instantly through the automatic verification process.

The lender will then make you a straightforward offer that you can accept or reject at the click of a button. If accepted, the cash is then deposited into your designated bank account as soon as on the next business day.

The legitimate loan companies never pass your information on to third parties, and everything you submit is encrypted with the latest technology.

Your data is also stored on encrypted servers that are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities and threats.

So what are you waiting for? Need fast cash to cover some unforeseen expenses before your next payday? Apply for Utah bad credit loans now!

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My Hardworking Son is an Example of “Gen Z” Pendulum Swing

My generation was called “slackers,” but my Generation Z son is one of many teens proving the pendulum is swinging back to a strong work ethic. The “Zippies” are ushering in the age of financial responsibility.

As the parent of two teen boys who are on the older side of the Generation Z timeline (born 1992 to 2011), I can say it’s been a breeze to teach them about personal finance. I don’t worry about my Zippies running up credit card bills or expecting me to pay for their condo in the city!

Gen Z children tend to be more frugal, self-directed and individualistic compared to the Gen Y children of the Baby Boomers, researchers say.

According to the Grail Research “Consumers of Tomorrow: Insights and Observations About Generation Z” report, Gen X has taught their children to be tolerant, respectful and responsible.

My Gen Z children are pretty receptive to my suggestions about finances, but I know they are a product not just of their upbringing, but of the era in which they grew up.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few of the ways I teach my Gen Z children about money:

Digital natives

Born in the digital age, researchers also call Gen Z consumers “digital natives.” Because of that, I skipped the lesson on balancing a physical checkbook and went straight to online banking.

Some banks will allow your teen to have their own online banking account at 16. I also highly suggest showing your child how to open an account with a discount brokerage firm. I showed my sons a few websites to check daily stock quotes and research stocks.

Credit declined

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about my sons is that they have no interest in borrowing money for a house or a car. They have always talked about saving and buying with cash and avoiding debt. Experts say that many Gen Z teens dislike the idea of borrowing money.

Because of that, I started early with different accounts for saving and investing. Considering no one warned me of high rates when I received hundreds of credit card applications in college, I’m relieved my sons are averse to using credit cards.

You don’t need a good credit rating if you don’t need to borrow.

Make money doing what you love

Gen Z individuals have practically invented the idea that you should make money doing what you love to do. Although making money is essential for survival, I know better than to encourage my sons to go for fame and money.

They gravitate toward careers they enjoy. My older son, who started designing websites for people for free in the ninth grade, just got his first “job” as a pizza delivery boy and loves it. He started a lawn mowing business at 12.

Financially conservative

Because my children have lived through turbulent bear stock markets and global economic recessions, I understand why they would tend to be more financially conservative.

I have explained to them that they can still invest in stocks by owning mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that include a balance of many stocks and bonds. They may never experience a 78 percent jump in an individual stock’s value in one day, but they will feel more secure and their money will grow over time.

Stock market chat rooms

Since Gen Z children are very tuned into online social networking, I have warned them about stock market chat rooms.

It’s great to research a company online, but some people in financial chat rooms have hidden agendas in that they will benefit if a stock crashes or takes off. I explain how some people short a stock, and make money when a stock goes down in value.

Even though Generation Z children are expected to be extremely well educated, personal finance is still a subject generally taught at home.

I’m fairly certain my children and other Generation Z people will be part of the “individual investor revolution,” by trading stocks online. With Gen Z doing it on their own, I imagine stockbrokers will depend on Generation Y for their client base.

In a nutshell, teaching Gen Z children about finances looks nothing like it did when our parents showed us how to balance a checkbook. And if your parents were anything like mine, that’s where the financial lessons ended!

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Lower Wedding Costs with These Six Tips

Checked off the cost of a wedding lately?

The average wedding costs as much as a new car, leaving the prospective bride and groom (and their families) with sticker shock. While it’s much more fun to discuss bridal gowns, wedding venues, and flowers, a realistic wedding budget should be the first thing discussed, agreed upon, saved for and then adhered too during the wedding planning.

These six tips will help lower wedding costs and still enable the bride and groom to have a memorable wedding.

Set A Realistic Wedding Budget And Start A Savings Account

Most of us have what is commonly referred to as a bologna budget and caviar dreams. We dream extravagantly but the reality is frugal, this is often the case when a bride-to-be begins dreaming of her wedding day.

Check on prices of certain must-have items for the Big Day, then set a realistic budget and open a savings account that is dedicated for the sole use of the wedding expenditures. Add to the savings account regularly during the planning stages of the wedding, and try to save a little extra for the unexpected costs that will be encountered.

Choose What Matters

What are the items that matter the most for the wedding? A designer gown? A first-rate photographer? Is a live band a must-have? Choose what matters the most and trim wedding expenses in the other areas that are less important.

Use Payday loans, If Needed, But Do It Wisely

At times you are absolutely out of cash and have no-one to borrow from. This is when payday loans come into place. Even a small 500 dollar loan can help your dream come true. Just remember to pay the loan back on time.

Be Flexible, Negotiate And Barter

When the wedding venue and reception location has been chosen, flexibility and the art of negotiation can cut wedding costs. Being flexible on the date and/or time of the wedding can cut the cost significantly.

Almost any price point is negotiable, so it doesn’t hurt to initiate a negotiation with the florist, photographer, musicians, etc., a significant cut in costs may result.

Barter for wedding services and exchange service for service instead of paying cash for everything. Bartering is an obvious wedding cost-cutter.

Trim The Guest List

Trimming the guest list will cut the cost of a wedding across the board. Fewer wedding invitations, smaller venues, less food and so forth.

Create the wedding guest list, then trim it down and stick to it. When pressured to invite more people, explain you’re on a strict budget and just can’t accommodate more guests.

Incidental Details

A well-planned wedding will still incur expenses for overlooked incidental details. Small fees, taxes, and tips are forgotten about during the flurry of wedding planning. Having the cushion in the wedding savings account will give a financial breathing room when the Big Day arrives and all monetary expenses are due.

Everybody loves a wedding and it’s certainly the bride’s Big Day and everything should be special. Wedding costs can be cut and the day still is special by pre-planning, budgeting, saving, negotiating and trimming.

Life insurance

Life insurance increase requested by ex

Does anyone who pays child support and/or alimony have any experience with the ex-wife requesting the value of the life insurance policy to be increased, as security for CS? My husbands ex has decided that she would like the amount of the policy doubled (this is in Minnesota). After reading the statutes, there is nothing about “modification for child support security”.

Recently my husband changed jobs and his CS went up…now she wants the value of the life insurance policy to go up too. He already pays over 100% of her expenses. Her only income is from CS/alimony. Anyone gone to court over this?


Another custody question

I started my custody fight when my son was about that age. You might want to see how close he is to the age where the court will allow the child to say where he wants to go.

In Georgia this is fourteen.

Even though this will be hard for both of you, you might just want to wait until he is that age. Why? Read the messages I posted, #992 and 1010, and you might understand why.

Birth control

I have to comment on your birth control point

Although there are idiots out there that don’t know what the heck they are doing, I have to comment on your birth control point.

Many couples are married for a few years and are happy with each other and feel like they have a loving relationship. There comes a time where many of us decided that we would like to have children. They become pregnant, have a baby, everyone is happy, the future looks good.

Then some years later one of the ADULTS begin wanting more freedom to do their own thing apart from each other. Once this happens it is down hill like a speeding roller coaster.

Couples who feel happy together are eventually going to want a baby. I think the real point here is that when that time comes, couples have to sit down and discuss the care for this baby. We live on times where both Mom and Dad have to work to survive but lets face it, if we would not want so much material crap we could make compromises to provide the best loving family for our children rather than the most money for ourselves.

I have remarried and have to children. My wife has 1 child. My wife and I both worked because it was the only way we could support our family, specially when I give almost 25% of my gross salary to Uncle Sam and a solid 25% to my ex.

It did not take long for me to realize that by making some sacrifices we could probably do something where our children would not be raised by baby sitters. When you figure out how much you pay for child care in many cases you will find that one of the parents is actually working to give 50 to 75% of their income after taxes for child care. You see, in many cases Mom and Dad both have to work to make ends meet or better yet to afford the Child Care costs.

After a serious discussion with my wife we found that we could make it if one of us worked part time until the children came home from school. My wife thought that because I was bringing in the larger income that I should be the full time employee. She also felt that she enjoys working but it would be worth doing a half day of work and then being home for the children. It makes a big difference when you are the parent raising the child and not the child care raising them.

I have never felt more respect for a woman like I do for my wife who sacrificed money for what is truly important. If I would ever have to be the one doing the part time, I would do it in a second.


Do not worry, I am not too cocky

Do not worry, I am not too cocky or overconfident. She lives very close. the reason we want custody, is because she(the ex wife) has tried to keep the kids( a 9 year old girl also)away from my wife and myself.

my son is tired of the way she makes them live in her house. she will not let them be here except on my weekends or when it is good for her to have them here.we know it will be a fight, but without custody, we are at her whim, and she will not compromise at all. my son is tired of the life she gives him. I wish there was a win -win situation….. but there’s not.

I would love to have my daughter also, but she is not old enough to ask the court to come here. any more ideas?

Why are we ‘close minded people’ for pointing out the fact that you are going to take child from his father to live with another man you have made a child with. Ask the man you are to marry if he would like to be taken away from the child he has made with you. If, ‘creating a stable and loving environment for them,’ is your only goal, and to ‘do what is my eyes best for him,’ are that important then why move away from his dad. You also state in this message that you have another 3 year old that is from yet another father, so do you not see a trend here, that you are not only taking one child from a father but two?

I just hope after all of this procreating you have done that you sit down and really think about what is in the interest of the children and stop having kids.

We do not need anymore kids without fathers from your ovaries.


The posts lately on this board have been from males

The posts lately on this board have been from males as well as females in regards to custody and “help” in making things work out.

It’s obvious that lack of maturity and self control goes both ways just as the suggested birth control goes two ways.

Age doesn’t negate maturity nor does time. If you divorce only to rush into another relationship without taking the time to get to know yourself first – how can you expect someone else to stand living with you when you can’t stand living with yourself?

I read the stories the different parents post here and know for a fact that there’s always – ALWAYS – two sides to a story….and that a story is only as good as the perception that renders it.

I wish there were easy answers and easy solutions.

My twelve year old son has ask to come live with my wife and myself. he needs more father and son time, and has gotten tired of the living conditions at his mothers. we are going to go file papers tomorrow.

any helpful ideas to maybe swing the balance in our favor. if they did a home inspection it would be no contest. any help would be appreciated.


You don’t say how far your wife lives from you

You don’t say how far your wife lives from you. If she is relatively nearby, why go thru the expense and trauma of a custody hearing if your wife will let you be more involved in your son’s life. He doesn’t need a custody battle – he just wants to be with you more.

You say the home inspection will render this a no contest. Guess again.

This forum and the newspapers are full of reports of children living in absolute filth and still being returned to the parents. Your son needs to be able to articulate, in a manner appropriate to a 12 yo, why he feels it is better for him to be with the father than with the mother. You can’t coach him – the judge has seen it all – it has to come from the kids heart.

And remember, mom isn’t likely to give her son up without a fight. If she promises to improve living conditions, the judge may rule against you.

There are no certainties in life but death and taxes. Have you considered an alternative win-win solution for all concerned? I don’t mean to burst your bubble but don’t get too cocky.

Non-custodial parent

I am not at all “taking them away” from their fathers

My daughter lives with her father and I will remain the non-custodial parent. The problem I am having with her situation is her fathers inability to put her need of maintaining her relationship with me rather than encouraging her not to see me.

I will reiterate for you, i want to continue the 50/50 split with my son, his father is the one who wants primary custody. Please consider what is best for the child.

  • A) Is it good for the 3 year old child to be with a parent with (2) DUI’s, who works, while the child attends daycare and has a nanny watching him?
  • B) Or for the child to be in an environment where a parent is at home with him. Can take him to and from school when he attends, a parent who volunteers their time to the neighborhood elementary school. A parent who is home v. working.

I do not doubt the love the fathers have for their children. Nor can I stress enough the importance of their involvement in their lives, this is truly priceless.

My children have one father whom they call Dad. That will never change. A stepparent is merely an additional parent figure that can provide additional love and guidance to the child. It is my belief the more to love the child the better. I respect and have always encouraged my daughter’s relationship with her stepmother.


It sounds to me like the ex wife may be feeling regret

It sounds to me like the ex wife may be feeling regret and anger for leaving your fiancee. During times like this its difficult for some people to keep these feelings in check so to speak. I highly recommend you, your fiance and his ex-wife read a book called “Moms house Dad’s house” I can’t remember the author’s name but its in every Barnes & Noble or Borders book store.

And if all of you truly only have the child’s interest at heart you will find it to be quite helpful. It will help you understand why some parents do the horrible things they do and provide you with the tools to refrain from doing these things yourself.

It takes a special person to take on the responsibility of another’s child. I know my fiancee is and I’m sure you are but you’ll need to be prepared for some bumpy roads ahead. If I were you I would look for some books on step-parenting and understanding your role in the child’s life.

When you go back to court your fiancee needs to request what is called a 730 in CA or child custody evaluation & psych evaluation. This is not cheap, last year mine was $2500 for my daughter and the one for my son this year is $4000. You may even want to offer to pay it up front or the court will order a payment plan for both of you. The down side to this is it takes 3-4 months to complete and it sounds like to me you may want to go to court on an ex parte change of custody.

Your proof will be provided with the evaluation, they will or should automatically drug test when there is an allegation of substance abuse. If so you should request they test through the hair, to my knowledge that goes back for months maybe even years depending on the length of the hair. I know this is expensive but isn’t the little girl worth it? Borrow, beg and plead from anyone who can help or take a 2nd out on your home if you have one.

Remember your goal is to provide a stable and healthy environment for this child. Read the book “Mom’s house Dad’s house”. Although 22 months may be too young for therapy you and your fiance can give this little girl the world if you keep your visits with her stable, predictable and loving, free of any kind of stress. This is a lot of stress for you too, remember take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

I have a question, why is she on welfare? is it for the other kids? is your fiance paying her child support? If not he needs to start paying whatever he can, prove that his is making an effort. And pay with checks or money orders only! No cash ever! Good luck to you, your fiance and his precious little girl.

Parental rights

Waiving your rights

Waiving your rights will most likely not get you out of paying the back support. You owe the money, its the law. Contact the state and see if you can work out a payment arrangement.

Do you some day down the road want to explain to your child, “Yes, I waived all my parental rights to get out of paying my legally due child support. Getting out of paying a debt was more important to me than you were.”

First off, I want to thank all of you that wrote supportive words for me. And for those of you who had not so kind words I guess I need to CLARIFY some things for you. I was married to my high school sweetheart the father of my 12 year old for five years together for eight. My current engagement is my 2nd and last husband. After all that I’ve been through in my life I chose very carefully, while we were planning our Wedding I became pregnant.

We intend complete our family with two children. Now, I understand there are a lot of close minded people in this world but if you put yourself in someoneelse’s shoes for just a moment you may feel a bit more compassion and not be so quick to judge. I purposely didn’t make much comment on the circumstances surrounding the birth of my son and if I had I think you may have a different outlook. My goal is not to bad mouth or take my son’s father away but to do what is my eyes best for him. I have always put my children first. Creating a stable and loving environment for them is my only goal.

We all have our own opinions to which we are entitled to. So to those of you who had harsh words for me I’m sorry you feel the way you do. But I want you to know I do not regret one decision I’ve made in my life for those decision I have learned from, have made me who I am today and have given me two beautiful children. A 12 year old daughter with two families who love her and is an honor roll student and a 3 year old son who also has two families that love him, knows his ABC’s and can count to 43.

Both of my children are loving, compassionate and kind. Good luck to all of you in your individual situations.

Environmental issues

I have been promoting the idea of males getting vasectomies

Personally, I have been promoting the idea of males getting vasectomies as soon as they turn 18. This procedure is simply, cheap, and completely reversable. Properly, males should not become fathers until age 30, females at age 24. This is when each reaches emotional maturity. The problem is convincing males to do it.

But if we can, it would prevent not only births that a man is not ready to handle, either emotionally or financially, but also substantially reduce the number of children being killed through abortion. Not to mention the large number of kids killed by mothers who are not ready to be mothers.

I agree that the maturity level of an individual and or a relationship is contingent on education and some environmental issues…lacking there of… is unfair for kids as a whole. However, monumenting one of the oldest cliches “one bad apple spoils the barrel” does not apply here. Not withstanding the fact some adults are unfair and selfish within their own actions, I’m positive there are fathers who greatly love their children and never intended on PARTLY creating those unfair situations which ultimately on an untimely basis has drawn the innocent kids in. Remember birth control goes both ways and so does maturity.

Simply stop producing until the desired achievement level has been hit… I have to ask where is the love and or should this procedure be a matter of choice or ultimately end up in the hands of pro women panel board who feels a mother is more mature to be the primary caregiver emotionally “but not financially” and then and only then should the approval be granted to procreate. I had at one time subscribed to your theory of maturity and independence first and waited till I was 32 before procreating and now I find myself in the hardest battle of my life. Consuming days upon days of emotions and only to loose my son after raising him for 1.5 of his 3 years…when in fact the “mature mother” decides to show up and be a mother a year later.

When is the desired level obtained? Who determines maturity level? Should I now wait another 10 years for the desired maturity level to be hit? How about better education to give more confidence and independence to open communication levels between two people to circumvent these situations before they arrive? Oh, and just for laughs …how about throwing in an environment where the majority of the legal systems are objective and not predetermined that the best type of parent is a women.


I have to guess at a couple of items

I have to guess at a couple of items but in general here it is.

Your husband had visitation and I’m guessing it was only suspended pending the investigation. Regardless, he should go to court with a certified copy of the study absolving him and get the court to order his ex to comply with visitation. If the ex does not comply with that order, he could then file for contempt of court.

Use the Tennessee attorney if you are satisfied with his representation of you. Tennessee courts have jurisdiction over the daughter so a Florida attorney would be of minimal benefit.

Good luck.

Birth control

Does no one comprehend birth control?

After reading some of the more recent posts to this site, I have to ask about birth control and simply growing up before you continue to produce child after child after child for more and more custody battles.

It continues to degenerate to a “he said/she said” battle with the innocent child drawn through the middle. And all along this trail, none of the parents manage to grow much more mature than the children they’re producing.

Amazing that some humans simply don’t learn from either experience or the history of others.

Child support

If you never paid any

If you never paid any – and she was on welfare collecting money from the federal or state governments – you’re going to be held liable for the cost of child support which will accumulate and make it seem like an incredibly large amount.

Most states have a formula that calculates the amount… essentially, you want to have your cake and eat it too….sounds like you and your girl friend just want to play the system to your benefits but not pay the support you rightfully owe….tsk, tsk, tsk

Need help

Need advice

My husband has a 4 year old daughter from a previous marriage. His ex wife left him and moved to TN (We live in Florida) He waited a year before filing for divorce, and somehow filed through the State of TN. They have joint custody with the mother having primary residential custody.

However, when we announced our engagement, she soon filed sexual misconduct charges with HRS against my husband. During this time of course he was allowed no contact. This went on for months and months, the ex kept rescheduling the daughters examinations.

Finally, FL HRS contacted us to let us know that the HRS in TN said there were no signs of abuse and that visitation could continue. However the mother will not let my husband see his daughter until he takes a polygraph test. She did begin allowing phone contact again until this week, and has now decided that their daughter has been misbehaving since she allowed communication, and will no longer allow it. The advice we need is to find out what we can do. With two states being involved its difficult. This is supposed to be my husbands Christmas with his daughter, and this is killing him.

I feel that he needs to put her in contempt of court, however I’ve heard that this is costly and usually the mother only gets a slap on the wrist.

Also, we are unsure if it would be best to use the attorney in TN he used for the divorce, or if he can hire an attorney here in Florida?

Any advice would be very much appreciated. This is a great group of people.

Need help

Father needs help

Hi, my soon to be husband is just starting a custody battle over his 22 month old daughter.

The mother is not taking good care of this baby.

The mother is taking drugs, has many over night male friends,the house is a pig pen,and the baby is always wet and dirty. She also leaves her alone with children between 11 and 13 to babysit her and her 7month old sister to a different man. The lawyer said all this may be true, but we need proof. In the mean time, the mother does everything she can to keep the child from the father. She was breaking the court ordered visitation,until we went back to court.

Now she is taking him to court to try and take away all his visitation, saying the child is traumatized from his visits. The mother is on welfare so her lawyers are free. Every time the child is picked up, the mother tries to start something. Any help on this would be appreciated.


You actually sound like a decent person

First of all, you actually sound like a decent person. However, I do not feel sorry for you. To have three children (or almost 3) by three different men is a disgrace. What are you teaching your children about stability? My husbands exwife is 3 for 3 at the age of 26 too and the kids are getting more and more screwed up every year.

Sorry that you made bad choices in life but remember the children are the ones who pay for our bad choices.

If there are other sources encouraging your daughter to bad mouth you and not want anything to do with you, it will come back to them in the end.

We all know the saying, what comes around goes around.

Also you mentioned that your ex’s are filing “books” with their motions for court… I know here that the judge we have does NOT look kindly to that! Its supposed to be BRIEF. Anyhow, how does the judge act in court to you or them on those occasions? I know the judge doesnt like to have to sit and read all the crap. I know the first time me and my husband filed here, we sent in a few pages of stuff and he wouldnt even listen to us.

he didnt like it at all. All we were doing was telling why we didnt agree to what was said in his ex’s affidavit. you need to play the judge out.. see how he or she is.. see what they like and dont… Make sure you always attend court and never lie. obviously…. Oh and if you have witnesses to anything bring them too. Bring lots of ppl who are on your side about it. Gives you support.

The best situation would not to have three kids with three fathers.

Although the father of your son is not perfect, as it appears you might not be either, at least being close to the boy he can play some part in the kids life, and work towards improving himself. By you moving 500 miles away, part of that equation is removed.

I would advise that before you make another child by a fourth husband you grow up and respect yourself and the needs of the three children you will have and stay put so the kids of the first two fathers can remain close to them. You and you current husband, can stay in that town and have the third child and at least all of your children will be near all of the fathers they have.

Visitation rights

Moving for you will be tough enough

Moving for you will be tough enough, let alone make it extremely hard on your court cases. Do you have a lawyer for yourself?

I think honestly its a lost cause to try for your 12 year old. But i would see about getting your visitation.

Then for your 3 year old, i would definitely fight it in court. Let the judge know that you are moving and need a decision asap. also that your move will benefit the child..etc