Birth control

I have to comment on your birth control point

Although there are idiots out there that don’t know what the heck they are doing, I have to comment on your birth control point.

Many couples are married for a few years and are happy with each other and feel like they have a loving relationship. There comes a time where many of us decided that we would like to have children. They become pregnant, have a baby, everyone is happy, the future looks good.

Then some years later one of the ADULTS begin wanting more freedom to do their own thing apart from each other. Once this happens it is down hill like a speeding roller coaster.

Couples who feel happy together are eventually going to want a baby. I think the real point here is that when that time comes, couples have to sit down and discuss the care for this baby. We live on times where both Mom and Dad have to work to survive but lets face it, if we would not want so much material crap we could make compromises to provide the best loving family for our children rather than the most money for ourselves.

I have remarried and have to children. My wife has 1 child. My wife and I both worked because it was the only way we could support our family, specially when I give almost 25% of my gross salary to Uncle Sam and a solid 25% to my ex.

It did not take long for me to realize that by making some sacrifices we could probably do something where our children would not be raised by baby sitters. When you figure out how much you pay for child care in many cases you will find that one of the parents is actually working to give 50 to 75% of their income after taxes for child care. You see, in many cases Mom and Dad both have to work to make ends meet or better yet to afford the Child Care costs.

After a serious discussion with my wife we found that we could make it if one of us worked part time until the children came home from school. My wife thought that because I was bringing in the larger income that I should be the full time employee. She also felt that she enjoys working but it would be worth doing a half day of work and then being home for the children. It makes a big difference when you are the parent raising the child and not the child care raising them.

I have never felt more respect for a woman like I do for my wife who sacrificed money for what is truly important. If I would ever have to be the one doing the part time, I would do it in a second.

Birth control

Does no one comprehend birth control?

After reading some of the more recent posts to this site, I have to ask about birth control and simply growing up before you continue to produce child after child after child for more and more custody battles.

It continues to degenerate to a “he said/she said” battle with the innocent child drawn through the middle. And all along this trail, none of the parents manage to grow much more mature than the children they’re producing.

Amazing that some humans simply don’t learn from either experience or the history of others.