Environmental issues

I have been promoting the idea of males getting vasectomies

Personally, I have been promoting the idea of males getting vasectomies as soon as they turn 18. This procedure is simply, cheap, and completely reversable. Properly, males should not become fathers until age 30, females at age 24. This is when each reaches emotional maturity. The problem is convincing males to do it.

But if we can, it would prevent not only births that a man is not ready to handle, either emotionally or financially, but also substantially reduce the number of children being killed through abortion. Not to mention the large number of kids killed by mothers who are not ready to be mothers.

I agree that the maturity level of an individual and or a relationship is contingent on education and some environmental issues…lacking there of… is unfair for kids as a whole. However, monumenting one of the oldest cliches “one bad apple spoils the barrel” does not apply here. Not withstanding the fact some adults are unfair and selfish within their own actions, I’m positive there are fathers who greatly love their children and never intended on PARTLY creating those unfair situations which ultimately on an untimely basis has drawn the innocent kids in. Remember birth control goes both ways and so does maturity.

Simply stop producing until the desired achievement level has been hit… I have to ask where is the love and or should this procedure be a matter of choice or ultimately end up in the hands of pro women panel board who feels a mother is more mature to be the primary caregiver emotionally “but not financially” and then and only then should the approval be granted to procreate. I had at one time subscribed to your theory of maturity and independence first and waited till I was 32 before procreating and now I find myself in the hardest battle of my life. Consuming days upon days of emotions and only to loose my son after raising him for 1.5 of his 3 years…when in fact the “mature mother” decides to show up and be a mother a year later.

When is the desired level obtained? Who determines maturity level? Should I now wait another 10 years for the desired maturity level to be hit? How about better education to give more confidence and independence to open communication levels between two people to circumvent these situations before they arrive? Oh, and just for laughs …how about throwing in an environment where the majority of the legal systems are objective and not predetermined that the best type of parent is a women.