Non-custodial parent

I am not at all “taking them away” from their fathers

My daughter lives with her father and I will remain the non-custodial parent. The problem I am having with her situation is her fathers inability to put her need of maintaining her relationship with me rather than encouraging her not to see me.

I will reiterate for you, i want to continue the 50/50 split with my son, his father is the one who wants primary custody. Please consider what is best for the child.

  • A) Is it good for the 3 year old child to be with a parent with (2) DUI’s, who works, while the child attends daycare and has a nanny watching him?
  • B) Or for the child to be in an environment where a parent is at home with him. Can take him to and from school when he attends, a parent who volunteers their time to the neighborhood elementary school. A parent who is home v. working.

I do not doubt the love the fathers have for their children. Nor can I stress enough the importance of their involvement in their lives, this is truly priceless.

My children have one father whom they call Dad. That will never change. A stepparent is merely an additional parent figure that can provide additional love and guidance to the child. It is my belief the more to love the child the better. I respect and have always encouraged my daughter’s relationship with her stepmother.