You actually sound like a decent person

First of all, you actually sound like a decent person. However, I do not feel sorry for you. To have three children (or almost 3) by three different men is a disgrace. What are you teaching your children about stability? My husbands exwife is 3 for 3 at the age of 26 too and the kids are getting more and more screwed up every year.

Sorry that you made bad choices in life but remember the children are the ones who pay for our bad choices.

If there are other sources encouraging your daughter to bad mouth you and not want anything to do with you, it will come back to them in the end.

We all know the saying, what comes around goes around.

Also you mentioned that your ex’s are filing “books” with their motions for court… I know here that the judge we have does NOT look kindly to that! Its supposed to be BRIEF. Anyhow, how does the judge act in court to you or them on those occasions? I know the judge doesnt like to have to sit and read all the crap. I know the first time me and my husband filed here, we sent in a few pages of stuff and he wouldnt even listen to us.

he didnt like it at all. All we were doing was telling why we didnt agree to what was said in his ex’s affidavit. you need to play the judge out.. see how he or she is.. see what they like and dont… Make sure you always attend court and never lie. obviously…. Oh and if you have witnesses to anything bring them too. Bring lots of ppl who are on your side about it. Gives you support.

The best situation would not to have three kids with three fathers.

Although the father of your son is not perfect, as it appears you might not be either, at least being close to the boy he can play some part in the kids life, and work towards improving himself. By you moving 500 miles away, part of that equation is removed.

I would advise that before you make another child by a fourth husband you grow up and respect yourself and the needs of the three children you will have and stay put so the kids of the first two fathers can remain close to them. You and you current husband, can stay in that town and have the third child and at least all of your children will be near all of the fathers they have.